Your Guide To Self Storage

Your Guide To Self Storage

Selecting a storage space: Be sure to check the dimensions of your vehicle, boat, or trailer. Most RVs require 30-40 feet (Extra Space Storage RV units typically go up to 45 feet in length). When considering the amount of space you’ll need to store your large vehicle, be sure to include extra room for all the equipment that comes with it.

Current license plates: RVs and boats must have current license plates. If your tags expire while in storage, the facility may ask you to renew them.

Vehicle registration: Storage facilities typically require proof of vehicle registration. They may also require proof of insurance, since individual property is not covered by the facility’s insurance.

Tire inflation: Keep an eye on tires that can dry rot or deflate. Vehicles or trailers must have properly inflated tires at the parking facility.

Seasonal storage: Before putting your investment into storage for a season, you may benefit from starting with a good checklist of things to do prior to putting it “down for the winter,” so to speak. Such vehicle checklists exist all over the internet, so a quick search should turn up several. Although most of them are very complete, you should always modify the checklist with your own custom steps or information that is spsecific to your particular make and model.

Boat repair work: Be sure that you correct and repair any dings, cracks, etc. on your boat before putting it it boat storage for the season. Repairing these types of issues prior to letting the boat sit in storage for months on end prevents small problems from becoming larger ones with time.

Vehicle cleaning: Consider the benefits of a thorough interior cleaning before storing your boat or other vehicle for an extended period.

Boat hull support: Be sure to properly support the hull whenever you decide to dry-store your boat. Failure to properly support the boat’s hull may result in cracked bulkheads, engine misalignment, and other serious distortions that can very easily render your boat useless.